Writing assignment [ mla ]

 After reading “Five Things We Need to  Know About Technological Change” and watching the “What is Technology”  & “A Briefer History of Time” videos, please reply with a 1-2 page  summary, answering the following questions:   

  1. How does Postman describe “Technology”? 
  2. What types of advantages does modern technology provide us with in today’s society?
  3. What types of disadvantages does modern technology cause in today’s society?  

writing assignment (1-2 pages each) based on the topics we are covering in class. Writing assignments are expected to be formatted using standard MLA formatting guidelines (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins). If you are unfamiliar with MLA formatting I strongly encourage you to utilize the variety of online tools available and dedicated to MLA formatting. Some of the more popular MLA resources include the MLA Style resource and the Purdue University OWL Workshop resource. 

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