Week 5 discussion | Mathematics homework help

Please see the attached and follow instructions

Post two of the six exercises from the list for Hypothesis Testing from Chapter 9 of Homework section from Illowsky.  Post both exercises as an attachment in a single thread for grading.

Include the chapter number and exercise number in the title of the posting, e.g., 9.5.75 & 9.5.115.

Hypothesis Testing-Single Sample:  9.5.74, 9.5.75, 9.5.78, 9.5.79, 9.5.80, 9.5.81

Use a level of 5% unless otherwise stated.  If the sample size is less than n=30, use a “t” distribution instead of “Z.” 

Do not compute p-value for “t”distribution problems. Just compare the test value of “t” with the critical value corresponding to the given level. See examples in Videos-Topics In Stat 230. Click on link below for example of p-value for lower tail test.

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