Week 3 complete | Literature homework help


Week 3 Complete

Molloy, M. (2020). Experiencing the World’s Religions (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US).

use this link to access thebook:  https://savantlearningsystems.vitalsource.com/books/9781260813746


This week, we have explored religions whose genesis find their roots in Asia and in the Asian sub-continent. We have considered carefully the ancient collection of beliefs labeled Hinduism and a religion that emerged from Hinduism to become a religion in its own right, Buddhism. 

Choose one:

•    Take one of the Hindu themes – karma, moksha, samsara, Brahman, or yoga – using and citing resources from Bethel Library holdings, websites with scholarly affiliations , our course text and materials, along with relevant web resources; flesh out what you believe is a complete description of the theme you selected as it has been developed in Hinduism (even Jainism), show how the theme is an essential part of the Hindu (even Jain) tradition, and finally discuss how this theme shapes the culture of India in specific, identifiable ways as well as shapes the life of the Hindu believer.

•     Discuss the fundamental Buddhist beliefs, then make an argument explaining what specific features of Buddhism fit with our modern scientific outlook.  And what are the features that are not consistent with contemporary science? Next, examine the state of Buddhism in contemporary western society. Where has it spread? Which schools and why? How do these features you’ve noted — taken together —explain Buddhism’s spread into the contemporary West?

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