This order has been set on revision status. please press the


This order has been set on revision status. Please press the “Confirm” button to tell us you are aware of this, and that you will complete it within the time provided.

If a customer’s revision instructions contradict the initial ones, please write a message to the Support Department saying what exactly was changed and/or what new information was added (with specific examples from the customer’s message or the files attached). If the Support Department considers your arguments valid, the client will be asked to pay additional money, and your bid will be increased.

Revision instructions are as follows:

PLAGIARISM:This paper has high similarity index. You have been sent a plagiarism report with the highlighted phrases indicated as plagiarism.
Do note that the fine for plagiarism has not been applied to you yet. Please revise the paper within the time provided and upload the new version through your order page.

Thank you for cooperation.

Support team

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