Rfp part 3 | Computer Science homework help


Module 03 Course Project – RFP Part III

Working off the same Request for Proposal.docx, continue to use your imagination and the fictional website hosting service provider you previously created to complete the following sections of the RFP Response Template.docx that you were developing in the previous week.

Request for Proposal.docx

RFP Response Template.docx

With this fictional business in mind, complete the following sections of RFP Response Template:

  • Complete Section 5 replacing any noted locations with the fictional company’s information. Please note that you do not need to provide the pricing information for Section 5.1.
  • For Section 5.4, develop a disaster recovery plan for the cloud-based infrastructure. Disaster recovery plan needs to include:
  • external events,
  • internal events,
  • and unauthorized access
  • Categorize each event by likelihood, impact, and geographic location information.

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