Paper1.0 | Information Systems homework help


Demonstrate the ability to clearly evaluate a particular need related to information technology.

A doctor’s office with a staff of 10 employees want to move into the digital world partly due to the new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).  Their staff is limited in computer knowledge and only use the computer system to track appointment.  Doctor and nurses have limited computer experience.

Current situation


  • 2 doctors in their 50’s
  • 2 Nurses in their 40’s
  • 6 office staff, age range 25 – 45

Current computer system

  • One computers at front desk for tracking appointments only.
  • Have a standard cable modem from Verizon
  • One printer


1. Please provide a 2- 3 page paper of your recommendations on how they should move to a digital system office wide. The paper be detailed enough to provide hardware, software and address all security issues.  

2. Your proposal should be a minimum of 2 – 3 pages and properly site all references (does not include title page, abstract and reference page).

3. You should have at least 4 references with at least two being peer reviewed articles.

4. Follow APA format

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