Lysistrata: women and politics discussion

Write at least an insightful page paper utilizing several of these questions.

How did you handle the play? Are you appalled? Amused? Wondering what all the fuss was about? We now must put our ideas into an integrated discussion. Remember that the Peloponnesian War had been fought for 20 years (and was still in effect when this play was produced.). For this Discussion, several of the the following questions be addressed:

1. What is the play’s political message?

2. Do you think Lysistrata could function as a political intervention?

3. How does the humor of the play affect its political import?

4. Do you see any similarities with the War in Iraq?

5. How effective do you think the Viet Nam era slogan “Make love,not war” would be today?

6. What is Aristophanes’ view of women? Does he make a parody of their actions?

7. What role does “community” play in this work?

8. Some have argued that this play is anti-feminist? Do you agree?

9. Did the vulgarity of the language detract from the central theme?

Your task

Include several of the above question in the paper about the Lysistrata. Be sure to give your personal impressions of the play as well.

link to the book:

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