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In this assignment, you will take an inventory of your own life and answer the following questions in a two-page response. You will be required to write this assignment using the APA, 7th edition format. This means you will have a cover page and bibliography page.

1 Discuss your adolescence stage of development. Be mindful of the ages and stages of this period of development. What was this stage of development like for you? Review Erik Erikson’s theory and use his theory to discuss your own development. This will mean that you need to go back and review this theory and what is developmentally appropriate for this stage of development. 

2. Identify specific environmental responses that impacted your development. By now you should know what would constitute environmental factors. How did these experiences interfere with your development? How did these experiences help or shape your development? 

3. You must write in complete sentences and again, in APA, 7th edition. 

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