Homeland security homework w4 | ENF154_200 Homeland Security overview


With a cursory understanding of the U.S. intelligence community, the intelligence cycle, and the various types of intelligence used within homeland security, you will explore some of the challenges that can affect operations within the U.S. intelligence community. One of the biggest ongoing challenges continues to be intelligence sharing between agencies and departments, even after the 9/11 Commission Report clearly identified this area as a specific intelligence failure. In this activity you will explain some of the other challenges that the U.S. intelligence community faces when trying to counter threats to national and domestic security.

Activity Instructions

List and explain some the U.S. intelligence community challenges, and how these challenges affect homeland security.

Tips for Success

Pay particular attention to Chapter 6 section called “The U.S. Intelligence Community: Challenges” and this week’s online resources listed in the Explore section. Be sure to address the issues noted in the textbook concerning problems with collection and analysis and interagency coordination and cooperation. Also, pay particular attention to what the policy makers determined were issues within homeland security; see the intelligence transformation after September 11, 2001 section. Ensure that you substantiate your points with either the textbook and/or online resources as noted in the activity instructions.

***500 CHTRS***

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