History of sport final paper film analyzation | history of sport | Wayne State University

The final project will consist of analyzing a film for its historical accuracy.  You should have had your film approved by me before completing this.  Your paper will need to be 8 pages double spaced, 12 point font size maximum and margins not bigger than 1 inch.  This paper will need to be in APA format with in text citations and a reference section.  No title page or abstract is necessary.

Please include the following components in your analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Brief explanation of the plot of the film
  3. Analysis of Historical Accuracy
    1. Context of the Sport the film covers 
      1. What did the film get right (provide evidence)
      2. What did the film  get wrong (provide evidence)
  4. How accurately did the film discuss or include the social context of the time?
  5. How could the film better addressed the social context of time and been more accurate portraying the sport?
  6. After analyzing the historical accuracy of the film has your opinion of the film changed? How?
  7. Conclusion

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