History of civilization | Ancient history homework help


Document Analysis Paper 2 Length: 500 words 

Chicago style format

Analyze one of the primary sources you will be using for your paper. Using the P.A.P.E.R. technique as well as guidelines provided by your instructors, discuss how and why your chosen primary source is important to your topic of study. Be sure to address the larger historiographical issues associated with your chosen source. 

War is defined as many things—the failure of politics; the opposite of peace; a necessary evil. Over the years, civilizations have approached the nature of warfare, its main participants (the armies), and the role of the Divine in the process in different ways. Your task is to research how war is defined and/or talked about in anywhere from two to three different culture/civilizations and to determine whether there is a “universal understanding” of what it is “to fight” and how this process is realized. From this research, devise a thesis that will address your findings and help answer the age-old questions regarding this most human of practices.

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