First hand view of wwii

Discussion on the soldiers, sailors, and airmen (and women) of World War II.  To prepare for this discussion, be sure you have read the document, Soldiers’ Send Messages Home .  This document is a collection of letters/messages which soldiers, sailors, and airmen sent home to their families during the war.  The document is included in this module (and the Reading Assignment).

Here are your discussion prompts:

  1. How did war impact these men? 
  2. What did these soldiers think about their fellow soldiers and their enemy?
  3. How has reading these first-hand accounts of the war changed your views on WWII?


  • Initial Post
    • Respond to the questions shown above.  Be sure to include the question, followed by your answer.  Include the word count after each answer.  
    • Include specific material from each of the letters to support your answers.
    • Because of the nature of this assignment, you may use an abbreviated version of a Chicago style footnotes.  Simply place the author’s last name in parentheses at the end of the sentence. 
    • This is what an abbreviated citation would look like for information from Strobing’s radio message (Strobing). 
    • Minimum word count: 300.  Include word count at the end of your posting.  
    • There should be at least 1 footnote for each of these 5 letters.

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