Final assignment: case study | Psychology homework help


Final Assignment (30% of Course Grade) Total of 100pts

Final Assignment is a case study (8–10 pages, APA required, with appropriate references. At least four references)

This assignment will involve use of a current case from your field internship.


Session 3 provides a review to think through Carla’s case that is presented in the O’Hare text—–Chapter 7. This review is an orientation to working on developing a case study that involves a Case Service Plan (as a diagram) based on application of evidence that informs practice. Also, provided is an example of a case service plan from this case that further elaborates an application involving strategies and skills that will support specific client outcomes. 

-Session 6.6 provides a review on how to include skills and objectives for Noah’s case presented in the O’Hare text —- 

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