Film analysis | English homework help


Watch the film , submit your answers.

A Thousand Words 

           Stars Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Released in 2012

Please leave a space between each answer. No need to write the question, just your answers.

Question # 1

List 3 scenes where clothing communicated a message and what that message is.

Question # 2

Provide 3 examples ( any type of nonverbals, objects etc )  you spotted  in the film that confirms this film was not recently released.  ( This film is 8 years old – what do you see in the film that proves this). 

Question # 3

Name the verbal and / or nonverbal methods for Eddie Murphy’s Jack to communicate to others?

Question # 4

State 3 scenes where Jack’s nonverbals were ineffective at first then was able to get his message sent.

Question # 5

Choose 3 scenes where critical, silent or empathetic listening occurred. 

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