Field report part 1 | Human Resource Management homework help

 write a research proposal describing your chosen Multinational Enterprise (MNE), planned research actions, and why you chose the particular MNE. The assignment will be submitted through a blackboard assignment link with a 300-500 word requirement. APA format is not required at this stage. Refer to the attached instructions and rubric for further details. 


Field Report scenario details:

1.  You are working as a research analyst for a large MNE.  The MNE has embarked on a project to gather, compile, and report detailed information about the firm’s competitors.  The latest assignment you’ve received requests a field report to be developed about a competitive MNE.  You are free to pick the MNE that is the focal point of the field report.  Consider the following:

a.  Industries or organizations that are of interest to you personally

b.  Industries or organizations where you have working knowledge or experience

c.  Industries or organizations that have robust online information for research

d.  The chosen MNE must have global operations with offices and personnel in at least two host countries beyond the parent country

e.  The chosen MNE does not need to be U.S. based

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