Faust 1 | Literature homework help

There are some important questions to bear in mind as we read Faust 1.

Careful reflection upon them will help you. They will focus your thinking on the second paper due for this course.Together with the paper you have already written for Module 4 this second paper will give you ample knowledge about both of the major figures we are studying this semester.

You need to write about whether Don Juan or Faust is the most ignominious persona in the two plays being read for this course. Don Juan is one dimensional. And yet he is empty and shallow? Faust is often unfathomable. He is brilliant but fragile somehow beneath the surface? Both deign to love. Both are no strangers to Death.  Compare them in a paper 2000 words in length. (Be sure to cite any sources you use to argue your case.)

1. Was Dr. Faust actually an all knowing bore until the devil stepped in and had him obsess over the fairer sex?

2. Is the Devil almost totally evil and yet quite wise to some of the shortcomings of women and men as well?

3. Does a deep love transform Dr. Faust into something much more than an imitation Don Juan? (He would have his love put her mother to sleep so they can be together? He kills another man in a duel too? And yet, he becomes totally smitten?)

4. And Why is there such a lasting appeal to this story? Please cite examples from Faust to buttress your arguments.

5. Could Faust compete with television shows such as The Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead? 

6. Would Faust form the basis for a horror movie? Why or why not?

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