Essay6 pages | Psychology homework help

Need this essay due Monday (is a final) 6 pages. See document for all the information needed and format needs to be MLA style.

This would be the option that I would like to do.

Write a significant reflective essay that clearly demonstrates the connection between some aspect of the course and your life experience. For example analyzing a past relationship and how learning things in this class helped you better understand that relationship.

Some aspect of course: (you can choose whichever you want, if you can get the information from the book would be amazing)

1) Theories of personality

2) Coping Processes 

3) The self (self-concept, Self-esteem, self- regulation)

Social Thinking and Social influence 

4) Friendship and love 

5) interpersonal communication

6) gender stereotypes

7) gender-role expectations

8) stress, personality, and illness

information taken from the book: Psychology Applied to Modern Life. Adjustment in the 21st Century. Weiten/ Dunn/ Hammer. 12E.

Some aspects of my life.

I am Venezuelan, and I moved alone to the United States 3 years ago. When I moved in it was a shock and I had a lot of stress and anxiety problems, but now I have improved thanks to the class and their advice to deal with stress (write in journals, talk to my sister about my personal problems and anxiety attacks, exercise, and have time for myself)

for me having good communication with friends and family are important.

I am very sure of myself, (I don’t have self-esteem problems)

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