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Respond to peer main posts with replies of 100-150 words each.In two paragraphs,

  1. Respond to the peer  research process and the tip or fact that was described from the reading. Comment on your experience in the area or methodologies of research the peer posted.
  2. Evaluate the peer search terms. Are they specific enough?  What results do you expect the search terms to yield? Suggest at least two additional search terms or refinements for those terms already listed and explain why these additions may be useful.
    Kristina Dingman

     The best tip I learned about in this chapter is scheduling a Research Project and checking it off as I complete each task. In the past I had not used this method for writing a report . It takes each step of the research project in puts it into order so as you are sorting through all the information for your project nothing is forgotten. 

     As I have not been a student for many years , I think back on my days of writing research papers. I remember getting all my facts together and writing rough draft after rough draft. doing revision after revision.Then finally the paper took form and I had it just right to where it could be turned in for a grade. After What I have learned in this chapter, making this check list should help me stay on task and keep everything in order so I will not have to do as many revisions. I am looking forward to see how this process will work for me . 

   Are generic medications better than Name brand medications? It is a question that is very easily debated as everyone has their own opinion on the subject. I hope to answer some of the questions in my research paper. I did not get much feed back as I made a huge error and submitted my paper in the wrong format. I would love to hear what feed back is available . 


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