Distinct features of henry firearms

Link to guide: https://learn.sdi.edu/pluginfile.php/355958/mod_page/content/11/Henry%20Guide.pdf 

Review:  Review the Henry Firearms User Guide.

Reflect: There are some very obvious commonalities among most of the weapons featured in Henry Firearms guide. Consider which models really stand out as unique or different, and what features make them so. Think about type of firearm, action, feeding mechanism, loading and unloading procedures, and safeties.

Respond: Respond to this assignment by answering the following prompts:

Summarize the common features of most of the firearms in Henry’s guide. Are there any features that are common to all the firearms in this publication?

Choose five features of Henry firearms that are not common to most of the models listed. Describe those features, and state which models exhibit them.

Your submission must be a minimum of 250 words. 

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