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Welcome to module twelve! The guiding question for this module is – What is the role of translanguaging in promoting school belonging?

For this module you will read chapter eleven in the text, watch the overview presentation and a video on being an advocate for students. and article (DeNicolo et al., 2017).

Instructional Planning Board Prompt:

For this planning board please develop a lesson that will be part of your thematic unit. This lesson should address social-emotional well-being, language development and content learning. Consider the following questions when planning Micro Lesson #4 :

1) How does the lesson build on translanguaging pedagogy and support student sense of belonging?

2)  What aspects of your lesson or unit reflect con respite, con cariño, como familia and acompañamiento>?

3) Describe how the lesson and/or unit reflect critical consciousness and socioemotional health?


PLZ  use citation from the reading Ch11 and Reimagining Critical Care 

the answer should look like file ex lesson plan 

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