Develop a 2d – 8 ball pool game for ipad using spritekit in xcode


2D 8 ball pool is a call shot game played with a cue ball and 15 other balls. You can play against computer (Computer vs Player) or with another player (Player vs Player) in this game. The bricks on the table are the obstacles to overcome certain targets. This game will have at least 3 scenarios, where different bricks schemas are presented. Timing and score boarding will be displayed. Highest game score will be kept in the app. This will be an iPad app. User should be able to change background of the game. User could also change colors of the bricks. Sounds are also required in this game.

The deployment target for this game must be 12.0 and this app should be able to run in Xcode 10.0. This app should be coded in Swift programming language.

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