Cybersecurity | cybersecurity | Prince George’s Community College

 Answer the following questions. 

Part 1

· Within the context of cybersecurity, how would you define risk management?

· What are 3 techniques/strategies used, when an organization embarks on risk management?

· For each of your 3 techniques/strategies, 

§ Provide a brief description of each of  your 3 techniques/strategies

Provide your source(s)!

Part 2 


· Provide   3 examples of encryption through software

· Provide 3  examples of encryption through   hardware

· Which would you say is more effective? encryption   through software or encryption through hardware? Why?

Provide   your source(s)!


Part 3

· Provide names of 3 countries that engage in cyber-warfare

· Provide 3  examples of state-sponsored cyber-attacks

Provide your source(s)!

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