Could you please help me with 3 essays that i have to submit by | PSC1515 | Miami-Dade College

 This is the first instruccion for the first essay.

Instructions:   The Tallahassee City Commission unanimously approved a resolution  establishing a goal of powering municipal operations entirely with  renewable sources (like wind and solar) by 2035, and community-wide by  2050 (link).

Based on what you have learned so far from this class, discuss the following: 

  • What advantages and disadvantages are there to going to 100% renewable energy?
  • Assume Miami were to  also go 100% renewable energy and you were in charge of the transition.  Give a specific plan on how you would phase in the renewable energy and  phase out the non-renewable energy and in what time frame.

Make sure to:

  • Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words. 
  • Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.
  • Address both bullet points above.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Include at least 2 references in your discussion and cite your sources.
  • Do not plagiarize.
  • You will not be able to edit your assignment once you post, so please proofread and spell check before hitting post!
  • As part of the assignment, you must also reply to ONE of your classmates with at least 150 words. You will have to POST FIRST to  see your classmates’ postings. Make sure your replies are thoughtful  and relevant to what your classmate has posted. Try to build the  discussion and keep it going.

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