Concert report | Reading homework help

 TICO TICO (Zequinha Abreu, Brazil) 

 you can start by establishing the performance’s what/where/when/who, then a quick overview of the ensemble/performers and finally, just choose something specific to elaborate. Something that caught you eye/ear (could be a song, a performance, an instrument, etc). Also Remember is just 2 or 3 pages top.

Video Music below:

part 2 


part 2 – report

t he topic whould be Samba in Brazil.  

The idea of this 6 pages (or 1500 words) report is to practice the report ormat writing. In a nutshell, an report  is a short piece of writing on a particular subject. Yes, 6 pages is short if you compare it to some mandatory 20-25 pages papers in other courses. The Main theme here is, obviously, Latin American music because that’s the concentration of this course. So you can choose a music topic from any country between Mexico and Argentin

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