Chapter 7 pg. 180 | Law homework help



1. How should management accommodate a variety of conflicting spiritual perspectives in the workplace?



2. Tom Chappell created a spiritual framework for Tom’s of Maine, a family-owned business. Can such a framework be created for a publicly traded company? What differences might there be in its effects?


3. To what extent is Tom Chappell’s spiritual perspective responsible for the company’s organizational culture and the company’s successes and/or failures?



4. What risks might a company encounter when encouraging the expression of spiritual values in the workplace? What advantages does it gain?





Chapter 4 Pg. 98


Chapter 4 Pg. 94


Chapter 5 Pg. 109


Chapter 5 Pg. 115


Chapter 6 Pg. 152


Chapter 6 Pg. 158



Chapter 7 Pg. 172





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