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Choosing a Company

In addition to introducing yourself to your classmates, you will post about the company that you are choosing to use for the Week 5 Final Project. Although the company must meet certain conditions to be used in this class, the company you choose should be one that interests you. You will be assuming the role of equity analyst for this class. Most stock analysts focus on a single industry and provide equity research reports on a select number of key competitors in that industry.

 Areas of interest could be:

  • A product/service/brand that you use and think highly of; (e.g., sportswear company, food/restaurant, technology products, retail)
  • A company in an industry you care about (e.g., solar energy, social media, healthcare/pharmaceutical);
  • A company that you work for or want to work for, or a company that is known as one that treats its employees well;

Also, if the company you are initially interested in does not work for this class (for example, if it does not pay dividends), consider choosing one of its competitors. It can be fascinating to investigate the rival company to your favorite brand!

Remember, the company you choose:

  • Must be publicly traded;
  • Must have paid dividends for the last four-five years.

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