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What is “primitive accumulation” and how does sassen use this idea to

  http://www.saskiasassen.com/PDFs/publications/a-savage-sorting-of-winners-and-losers.pdf Answer these questions based on the reading. To what does Sassen’s title refer? Please be specific. What is “primitive accumulation” and how does Sassen use this idea to conceptualize how the global capitalist economy works? How does Sassen present debt servicing in the developing world as part of the global economy? What has […]

Module 2 | Statistics homework help

  Competency Demonstrate the use of the normal distribution, the standard normal distribution, and the central limit theorem for calculating areas under the normal curve and exploring these concepts in real life applications. Scenario Frank has only had a brief introduction to statistics when he was in high school 12 years ago, and that did […]

Assignment about gousto company | Management homework help

   The assignment is about Gousto company and it must be from 2000 words for the body and the reference in a separate page. The assignment should include the following without Plagiarism: 1- Introduction. 2- The body should have the following points written separately in each paragraph.  a) Understanding value: b) Creating value: c) Communicating […]

discussion board module 6 | Education homework help

The Prompt: Respond to the following discussion question for this module: You will need the following resource for this post: United States Department of Agriculture. (2011). Let’s Eat for the health of it: Choose My Plate Brochure. Available from http://www.choosemyplate.gov/food-­‐groups/ downloads/MyPlate/DG2010Brochure.pdf Center for Disease Control. (2012). Winnable Battles: Nutrition, physical activity and obesity. Available from […]

Deliverable 4 – visually persuading your viewer

  Competency Prepare and evaluate the use of media visuals to improve persuasive and marketing communication. Instructions You are a visual communication expert for a company that creates and maintains websites for large businesses and organizations. They called a meeting a few days ago to bring various departments together for a “think tank” session. The […]

Synopsis (chapter 10 and 11)

 After reviewing this week’s chapters(  Chapter 10: Environmental Regulation and Sustainability Chapter 11: Contracts and Sales: Introduction, Formation, and Consumer Protection)  , prepare a 500-word synopsis of the legal, ethical, and social concepts and issues discussed in the chapters.  Post this synopsis to the discussion forum 

Case study with 5 questions!!!

   Please read the case study, then use that information and your textbook to answer the questions that follow. Use complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Be specific and answer the questions in detail. Remember that you cannot copy and paste any information directly from any source. Put the information into your own […]

International relations | Government homework help

Research the theoretical approach to the ‘Balance of Power’ and how it describes the causes of conflict in the international system.  This question allows you to draw on both the early, theoretical and abstract material, and apply to the topic issues addressed in the latter half of the class.  PLEASE draw heavily on class materials […]

Research submission 1-6 | English | Houston Community College

Submit the research template for each of your sources (6 sources=Six research templates) Each piece of information must be properly paraphrased. Improperly paraphrased information is plagiarised. All information, including paraphrased information, must have an intext citation.  Be sure that you include the three places in your children’s book you see the research presented at the […]

President task force | law enforcement | Thomas Edison State University

Read the Final report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing from May 2015.  Specifically focusing on Pillar One, “Building Trust and Legitimacy,” comment on the key points outlined and their importance. Describe the role that trust plays within a police department and how it impacts a department’s effectiveness and legitimacy. Address concepts […]