Assignment: becoming familiar with the dnp scholarly project and | NURS 8000 – Foundations and Essentials of Doctoral Study in Nursing | Walden University


As a doctoral candidate, you will complete either a DNP Scholarly Project or a PhD Dissertation. Are you curious about what will be required of you? For this Assignment, you locate and read materials that pertain to your doctoral program at Walden University, and begin thinking about your DNP Scholarly Project or PhD Dissertation.

To prepare:

DNP students:

PhD students:

  • Review the information presented at the Walden University Writing Center PhD Dissertation website (
  • Carefully review the requirements for the Premise, Prospectus, and Dissertation process.
  • Consider the steps you will work through to complete the Premise, Prospectus, and Dissertation process and the timeline for completing each step.

To complete:

Write a 1-page paper outlining the steps, timeline for completing the project / dissertation, and the documents you will use for either the DNP Scholarly Project or the PhD Dissertation. Include the main guide document that identifies the processes and procedures for the appropriate doctoral project.

DNP students:

  • Summarize the purpose of the DNP Scholarly Project.
  • Briefly describe a project that would be of interest to you and how you might go about completing that project.

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