Article review | Social Science homework help

1. The makers of HPV vaccine target mothers of girls ages 9 -14 in their ads. Brainstorm the attitudes/beliefs and subjective norms you think might influence mothers’ decisions about vaccinating their daughters against this STI.

2. Read the following article from Chapter 3, Pg 45:

Askelson, N.M., Campo, S., Lowe, J.B., Smith, S., Dennis, L.K., & Andsager, J. (2010). Using the theory of planned behavior to predict mothers’ intention to vaccinate their daughters against HPV. The Journal of School Nursing, 26(3), 194- 202.

3. In 6-12 sentences, answer the following questions:

a. Which constructs had the greatest impact on the mothers’ intention to vaccinate their daughters?

b. How did this compare to the outcome of your brainstorming session?

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