A contemporary hero’s quest powerpoint project


1)You must provide Speaker Notes for your presentation. Plan on providing at least 4-5 sentences in each Speaker Notes section.  (Please view the sample slide, Student Materials, to clarify how your work should be presented. Student Materials also includes help with working on speaker notes.)

2)You must also address all of the nine topics listed below.

3)Avoid long summaries of plot (summarizing what happens in your hero’s story). Focus directly on the list of topics below. 

4)Your hero must be contemporary (from relatively recent times). 

5) Label each topic you’re addressing on the slide above the speaker notes that address that topic. For example: write “Archetypes” on the slide above the speaker notes which discuss the archetypes found in your quest.

6) The title and reference slides don’t count toward the required 10-12 slides/notes total.

Pick a contemporary story in the form of a novel, movie, or video game that is inspired by a mythological epic or hero’s quest.

Create an 10-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes about the contemporary hero’s or heroine’s quest. Refer to the University of Phoenix Material “Help With Microsoft® PowerPoint® Assignments” for additional help.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Brief description of the plight of the main character–the feat(s) he or she must execute for the benefit of society in the face of challenges
  • The villain, his or her characteristics, and role in the hero’s quest
  • Other archetypes within the story and a brief description of their roles in the hero’s quest
  • Detailed description of each stage of the hero’s quest: initiation, separation, transformation, and return
  • Research about the mythological and cultural origins of the story; explain parallels between the myth(s) and the contemporary story it inspired
  • Analysis of any mythological symbolism, metaphors, and attributes pertinent to the story. What real life elements might these items represent?
  • Explanation of the conflicts between personal desires and community responsibility represented in the myth and the contemporary story
  • Relate these to the conflicts and choices ordinary humans struggle with.
  • Explain why these conflicts retain relevance through the ages.

Include citations and references throughout your assignment. APA formatting is preferred but not required.

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